We have a lot of customers ask us how we got started and what motivated us to open up a store. We thought this would be the perfect place to tell our story on how Wild Willies Vapors began.

 It all started with Phil, who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and had the upcoming life event of buying his very first home with his fiancee, Lindsay. This is what initially had Phil looking into creative ways to save some money. He came across an electronic cigarette, intrigued, he ordered one online and over the next few months he started to realize that he was favoring the ecig over a traditional cigarette and was saving a lot of money. He then introduced it to his brother Trev, who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day as well. Trev alike, really enjoyed using the ecig and within a 6 month period, stopped smoking cigarettes as well. Over the course of this 6 month period, Trev struggled to find an ecig that functioned properly, and find e-liquid that he trusted and liked. With Phil's background in biochemical engineering, and Trev's being in chemical engineering, they decided to order a bunch of ingredients and flavors and try to mix their own e-liquid.

 Trev, with the assistance of his long time time friend, D , began researching flavors and making their own recipes. Soon enough their friends were asking for flavors, and a company was born!
Together, they started developing a website to sell their products online. D took on the role as salesperson and promoted the company, delivering orders and assisting Trev in keeping up with the production of their e-liquids. Within a few short months, they had a customer base and a website about to be launched, all they needed was a name. With all of them being animal lovers, and looking for something catchy, Phil came up with Wild Willies Vapors, named after his very handsome and spunky dog, Willie.
 Doing fairly well with the website, they took a chance and decided to open up a store. With a lot of help from family and friends, they spent hours building inventory, painting, organizing and finding time to laugh in between.  

 Trev and D continue to work hard to bring new flavors and new products to the business and Phil continues to lend a hand with his creative ideas and lab work from time to time.

Our Story

 Wild Willies Vapors was created out of the passion that we have for electronic cigarettes. We believe that all customers should be able to get great tasting e-liquid that is made only with the highest quality ingredients and is proudly made in Sudbury, Canada.  Great prices with exceptional customer service. 

 We only provide the best tasting e-liquid which we hand make in our state of the art facility to ensure quality for our customers. All our liquids are randomly  tested for impurities to ensure that we provide a safe and enjoyable experience for you, our customers.

About Us