Please always remember to keep your e-cigarette and e-liquid in a safe place, away from children and pets!

How can I clean my e-cigarette? (E-liquid containing nicotine can be harmful if ingested, and/or if on skin)
Do not immerse battery in water or in any other cleaning solution. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth. The mouth piece and clearomizer can be soaked in soapy water. Simply unscrew clearomizer from the battery, empty any remaining e-liquid from the tank and immerse clearomizer into soapy water and or warm water with a bit of lemon juice. Please allow adequate drying time, (ideally over night) and be sure it has completely dried before screwing back into battery and before using.

When do I need to replace my coil? Depending on the amount of vaping that you do, the coil should last between 2-3 weels. Coil failure happens slowly In most cases, an e-cigarette coil fails gradually before it needs to be replaced. The heating coil doesn’t work as it once did, causing off flavors, poor vapor production and all-around unresponsiveness. Because coil failure tends to come on slowly, you may not notice that your e-cigarette has a problem and may simply believe that your e-cigarette isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. If you aren’t enjoying the e-smoking experience as much as you used to, that’s the first indication that it might be time to replace the coil.