Please always remember to keep your e-cigarette and e-liquid in a safe place, away from children and pets!

On/Off Feature - All of our E-cigarettes have a safety feature, which you allows to shut off your e-cigarette when not in use, to prevent button from being accidentally pushed. Press button 5 times rapidly to turn on or 5 times rapidly to turn off.

Gurgling noises -  A new coil will cause some crackling noises. It could also be a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill). Or may be time to change your coil.

Leaking - Leaking can occur when tank has been over-filled. Remove tip and take a paper towel and gently allow towel to soak up some of the e-liquid. Leaking can also occur when a coil has been screwed in too tightly and has possibly cracked. Leaking can also occur when plastic casing of the coil has been removed or damaged. Do not remove protective casing.

Battery won't charge or work - This can happen when the battery connections get dirty. Every so often, you should clean the battery contacts. Simply take a dry paper towel, unscrew battery from clearomizer and rub inside the battery connections until paper towel comes out clean. Same goes with the USB/wall outlet charger, the connection which you screw the battery into needs a cleaning too, follow same procedure.

Battery turns off while vaping - Battery could simply need a charge. If battery works on and off it could be that button is being held down too long. Most e-cig batteries have a overheating safety features. When button is held down too long (can be 10 seconds) it will automatically shut off to prevent overheating which can damage the battery and/or coil.

Clearomizer is hot - It is completely normal for the clearomizer to have some heat to it while vaping. It is simply the coil doing its job.

Seal around coil is torn, broken or missing - This seal is very important and requires proper handling. While refilling, cleaning or changing the coil, the seal can be damaged or even lost. A coil needs this seal to prevent leaking and to function properly. If the seal is damaged in any way or lost, throw out the coil and use a new one.

I am getting e-liquid in my mouth - There are many reasons that cause this. A new coil, e-liquid getting in, around, or under coil, debris stuck inside tank, mouthpiece or near coil or seal around coil is torn or broken.Flooding can occur when e-liquid gets too low which causes the seal of the coil to stretch. Flooding can be caused by a build up of e-liquid with several puffs that have left some vapor in the e-cig (in other words, not inhaling the entire amount of vapor that was produced in each puff. Overtime this can cause a build-up of residue inside the mouth piece which can eventually cause a "burst" of e-liquid to come through all at once. It can also be caused by an e-cig not being used for several days/weeks, which can cause e-liquid to build up and/or partly/completely crystallize. And can be caused by water remaining in clearomizer due to a recent soaking/cleaning. It is always important when soaking/cleaning a clearomizer that you allow adequate drying time (typically over-night).