Naked ~ 50/50 blend of VG & PG. Flavorless.

Blood Orange - Sweet and Tangy

Sweet Vanilla ~ A sweet vanilla with a hint of creaminess. 50/50 blend

Candy Cane ~ A Classic flavor, sweet and refreshing

Hazelnut Cream ~ Sweet hazelnut with a dollop of cream.

Chocolate Mint ~ Refreshing mint blended with sweet velvety chocolate.

Green Apple ~ Fresh and sweet!

Grapeful Dead ~ Sweet and refreshing grape juice flavor.

Canadian Tobacco ~ A mild Canadian tobacco.

Raspberry - Juicy, sweet and fresh.

Wild Blueberry ~ Fresh Blueberries.

Strawberry Delight ~ Strawberries with vanilla cream.

Strawberry Banana ~ Fresh strawberry blended with banana.

RY4 Delight ~ A sweet tobacco and caramel blend.

Pink Flamingo ~ Strawberry peach with a hint of coconut.

Peppermint ~ Cool, refreshing peppermint flavor.

Peachy Apple ~ Juicy peach with a slice of apple.

Juicy Fruity Gum ~ This taste is gonna move you!

Joyful Almond ~ Chocolate and coconut with a hint of almond.

Icy Menthol ~ Cold, fresh, straight menthol to leave a real cool feeling in your mouth.

Fruit Explosion ~ A mixture of fruit that will blow your taste buds!

Caramel Swirl ~ Vanilla swirling in caramel.

Icy Menthol ~ Cold, fresh, straight menthol to leave a real cool feeling in your mouth. Great for adding to any of your favorite fruit or tobacco flavors.

Fruit & Candy Flavors 70%PG 30%VG

Sunrise Tobacco ~ A mild, sweet tobacco blend.

Dark Tobacco ~ A dark roast cigar & tobacco blend.

Bold TobaccoA bolder cigarette flavor.

Tobacco & Menthol Flavors 70%PG 30%VG

Royal Tobacco ~ Our most popular tobacco flavor. A rich, mild tobacco blend.

Blue Moon ~ A great flavor balance of blueberry and coconut.

Banana Cream ~ A mixture of bananas and cream.

Banana Nuts ~ A mixture of banana, almonds, pecans and maple syrup gives a great tasting flavor that is easy to vape.

  30 mL Bottle = $12.00 +tax


All our juices are hand-crafted in Sudbury Ontario, Canada.

Our bottles have a thin drip tip which allows you to fill clearomizers and tanks easily. This bottle comes with a child proof cap for your convenience and safety.

Our E-Liquids contain Propylene Glycol USP Kosher (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher (VG). We only use USP grade, FDA approved bases in our flavors for the best and safest vaping experience possible. All of our Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Nicotine is manufactured in Canada.

Food Allergens - We cannot guarantee that any E- liquid has not come into contact with other E-liquids. Although we take pride in our sanitation practices, it is a possibility that residue of an E-Liquid can remain.  Due to the high volume of product in our lab, we cannot guarantee that one E-liquid has not come in contact with another.